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Assigned Certifer

Under the revisions to the building control regulations 2014 (SI9), the client is required to engage an assigned certifier to oversee and certify their construction project.

Bell Associates can provide the role of assigned certifier for commercial and domestic works under the registration number B0255 (SCSI). We can also provide the Project Supervisor Design Process (Health and Safety), and Energy (BER) certification.

For a quotation, please contact us on 01-8430267. Alternatively mail your details to bellassignedcertifier@gmail.com

For further information on the role of Assigned Certifier please see the technical definition below from Statutory Instrument SI9.

Assigned Certifier’s Role
The Assigned Certifier is assigned by the Building Owner as required under the Building Control Regulations. They undertake to inspect, and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and to certify the building or works on completion. The role of Assigned Certifier does not include responsibility for the supervision of any builder. They may or may not be a member of the design team.

The Assigned Certifier should: –

(a) provide and sign the relevant statutory certificates – the form of undertaking at commencement and the Certificate of Compliance on Completion;

(b) co-ordinate the ancillary certification by members of the design team and other relevant bodies for the Certificate of Compliance on Completion;

(c) identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the Builder, from whom certificates are required;

(d) identify all certificates required and obtain them;

(e) co-ordinate and collate all certification of compliance for completion in conjunction with the Builder;

(f) in consultation with the members of the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during Construction;

(g) prepare the Preliminary Inspection Plan and oversee adherence to this plan, and on completion provide the Inspection Plan as implemented;

(h) on termination or relinquishment of their appointment make available to the Building Owner all certification prepared and inspection reports carried out;

(i) act as the single point of contact with the Building Control Authority during Construction;

(j) seek advice from the Building Control Authority, in respect of compliance matters relating to the building or works where disputes or differences of opinion arise between the parties to the project; and

(k) maintain records of inspection.

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